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Hypoallergenic Treated Bird Cage Liners 16 x 16 1000 Count


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Hypoallergenic Treated Bird Cage Liners 16 x 16 1000 Count

Today we always seem to be running out of time especially for cleaning the bird.

Newspaper has always been the cheap go-to-cage bottom topping but lately, it is in short supply as newspapers go out of business.

Unique Cage Catchers are designed to eliminate unsightly and unsanitary conditions of your pet bird’s cage for only pennies.

The special hypoallergenic, treated paper birdcage liners from Cage Catchers are designed to allow placing a full week supply and each bird’s tray bottom.

Simply remove one each day to keep your cages fresh and clean while saving time and money.

A large issue with newspapers was the print hiding the ability to look closely at your bird’s poop.

Further, Cage Catchers smooth, white, non-absorbing surface allows at a glance checking of droppings for signs of illness, distress, or other problems.


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