Question on Full Spectrum Lamps for Bird Cages

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Dear Debi 

The floor lamp we offer is this one. 

It is 55″ with the top crooked facing diwn and 60.5″ if the top is standing facing out from the side. It can also to raised by placing on a riser of some sort (small bench, cinderblock, low table, stack of phone books (LOL) 

The day and night cage top lamp is the Featherbrite lamp at this link. 

Swag lamp 

This bulb can be put into any standard lamp, standing, or hanging.

 I hope this helps. 

Thank you

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Thank you very much….I am going to look at the floor lamp you have again, I still working on my food order too. Is the 5 ft. Floor lamp the one you have?


Dear Debi

 We spoke this morning about the Featherbrite lamp. etc. 

Yes, the brackets that come with the light should allow you to mount it on top of your Victorian cage without problem. The new brackets are adjustable. We recommend once you figure out the best configuration for your cage that you use cable ties to attach the brackets firmly. 

Here is a current picture of the light on the new brackets as well as all that comes with the day and night set. 

As far as to how long to leave it on, it can be 4 to 10 hours, but the company recommends you ask your Avian Vet for what is best for your birds.

It is also recommended if your bird is going to climb around the outside of the cage that you remove the light or at the very least unplug it. 

Having a lot of toys inside the cage will distract the bird from the cords. Otherwise it just can become a new “toy” and that could become harmful if your bird decides to destroy the lamp.

 I have not located any standing lamp that will be taller than 5 feet. 

We also have these light bulbs that can be put in any lamp fixture (prefer ceramic socket) and you may locate something taller.

 We will be back in the shop Monday after 10 am CST if you need to speak with us. Otherwise you can email me and we may be able to answer your questions.

Thank you,


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