Ceramic Bird Cage Crock for Prevue Select Line 6404 10 oz 1 pc


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1 pc set Replacement Ceramic Birdcage Crocks for the Prevue Select Line of Parrot Cages and Playstands
Prevue Pet Products Ceramic Replacement Cup 6404 is a Bone White ceramic replacement cup for your Prevue Select Line Cage.
Also available as a set of four replacement bowls, our cups are dishwasher safe, pet safe and great for small animals too!
This cup measures 4 ½’’ in diameter and 2 3/8’’ high with a 10 oz. capacity. 
Compatible with Prevue Pet Products Playstands, Playtop Cages, Dometop Cages and models 3159, 3156W, 3158BLK, 3155S, 3157 and 3141.

Fits in place of the stainless steel dishes that come with the Prevue Select Line of Cages and Playstands

  • Ceramic replacement cup 1 pc
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Also for small animals
  • Fits Prevue: Playstands; Playtops; Dometops; and models 3159, 3158, 3156, 3151, 5152, 3153, 3154, 3155, 3157, 3351, 3352, 34511, 34512, 34521, 34522, 34531.
  • Will not fit Prevue Signature Line or other manufacturers birdcages

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