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Bird food for African grey parrots can come with any number of ingredients.

African grey parrot bird food can also be in the form of a pellet which is manufactured or extruded and considered a fully engineered food to help keep Congo and Timneh African grey

African grey bird food is designed for both the Timneh and Congo African grey parrot.

Congo African grey parrot is larger of the two but both will eat similar diets.

In the wild African grey, parrots will forage for their food most of the day in large flocks living like a giant mobile flighted community.

African grey parrots are refuted to be the smartest of parrots but it is always hard to say they can be very good speakers. 


Besides providing the best African grey parrot food you must provide a great deal of interaction for your bird to be socialized and not an aggressive animal that would make you or other family members unhappy.

Many African grey parrot foods are made larger than for other birds because African grey parrots like to eat their food with their zygodactyl feet.

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