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We haven’t stopped redesigning this site inside and out for 20 years. 

Please let us know if this page about our shopping categories makes you a more efficient shopper


Bird Lighting

Full-spectrum lighting does not help birds produce vitamin D. Light therapy can replace toxic drugs like Lupron & Haldol.

Bird Toys

Bird toys act like the leaves of the tree they would be occupying in the wild. We call that the canopy effect. enabling privacy and foraging.

Toy Parts

Bird toy parts offer a range of ways to enhance your bird’s environment with foraging and enrichment opportunities.

Bird Types

We Sell No Birds – Only Supplies. Items listed by bird type are suggestions as every bird and bird species (our list) have different needs.


A birdcage is where your bird(s) will spend 50% of their life and thus must be chosen wisely. Measure and assess the space & environment – twice.


Uncover products here to bathe the bird, and clean the birdcage & your home. We know birds are messy & we can help reduce your cleaning chores & time while improving cleanliness.


Here you’ll turn up everything from mess-less feeders to dishes that will retrofit older birdcages. Clamp-on bolt-on, mess-less & more. There is no better selection on the web.


From natural beak trimmers to first-aid. Everything you need to be prepared for many situations. We offer vet designed restraints, nail gear, scales, lighting & more.


We always seek the latest and greatest for your pet birds. We know manufacturers of bird products we find these items first. How do birds store emergency energy – here’s our thoughts


We break it down for you categorically by brand, by bird, & food type. Birds are the only animals that can fly so they require unique species-specific food.

Perches +

Deciding your birdcage’s environment is one of the most single important tasks you will execute. The cage must be set up for long tail or short tail birds.


Playstands are a better choice to place your bird on when out of the cage than say a $250 a side chair. They are also the perfect landing zone for flighted birds.


When we find high-value low-priced items you’ll find them right here in our sale category. Check back often to find high-value items in every category for your bird.


Most parrots are indigenous to areas close to the equator. North American light cycles can affect them negatively. Read more


The travel category helps with taking your bird to the vet, across the country, or even just a trip out of doors.

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