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What are some of the rules for buying the proper size birdcage?

There are none (sort of).

You do have to take in account bar spacing but even that’s a slippery slope because some manufacturers measure from the center of each bar and other manufacturers measure from the outside of each bar.

Depending upon the thickness of the bar, the difference can be significant.

Along with bar spacing, it’s important to look at areas around feeder dishes and around the cage’s grate and the tray.

Let me walk back the rules thing just a bit.

Birds don’t like to be in round bird cages because of the privacy issue.

Wherever you put the cage it’s best to have it in a corner where there are walls on two sides for doesn’t feel so exposed.

You can find more on birdcage placement here.

If the bird is going to be allowed to fly, the flight cage or aviary remember that the cage should be longer than it is tall is birds generally move horizontally.

There are experts out there who would tell you that the cage should be at least twice the wingspan of the bird.

I’m never quite figured that one out.

Birds can fly and if you place enough bird toys and accessories, I feel as long as you can flap its wings for exercise it’s all good.

Birdcage size determination comes from what will work within your home and the lifestyle that you and your bird develop.

A bird that’s going to be locked up 12 to 14 hours a day certainly should get a larger cage providing greater mobility.

Our ringneck is cage door open when his light comes on at 7:30 in the morning and the door closes at 7:30 in the evening when the light goes off.

That’s his 31″ L x 21″ D x 53″ H  Prevue F040 aviary.

When he’s going to work with mom, he’s transported in an 18 x 18 travel cage and spend the day greeting customers

Then he will spend the day in an HQ 22 x 17 cage.

He’s thrilled to be part of the scene and will talk any new person’s ear off whether they are listening or not.

Our 10 budgies are in a prevue F050  37″ L x 22 1/8″ D x 60″ H  giving them plenty of room to not only fly but stay out of each other’s way helping to avoid jealousies and fights.

If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out and get free expert advice.

Your bird’s cage size matters less than you think

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