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Parrots in the wild receive a soft mist of rain on a daily basis with a good drenching bath once or twice a week. Mist your bird on a daily basis and give them a good drenching bath or two weekly to ensure good feather quality and replenish lost moisture. Use the drenching to examine your bird completely. Check for lumps, cuts, and bruises.

If your parrot is fearful of being showered or sprayed, work with this phobia by getting down low below the parrot and misting with the spray bottle upwards, talking to your parrot the whole time letting him or her know that this is fun, not a punishment.

The first few times just mist once or twice graduating up to being able to full drench. When done, reward with praise and a treat. Parrots take pride in their beauty and we should help them look and feel as beautiful as we can.

Remember to have respect for your feathered companion and you will fly into the wonderful world of parrot/human companionship.

Michelle Karras – Bird Behaviorist, Illinois
The Polite Parrot

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