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Hi Catherine,

I just have one last, quick question: do you sell something to fix the fact that I bought a cage with vertical bars not realizing the bars should be horizontal for budgies?

I see my little guys struggling a bit when climbing and they do seem to do a lot of climbing on the bars… I didn’t know any better but now I see it. There must be something I can put on the wires to make the climbing easier and maybe even fun for them. Any suggestions? I appreciate your help! J

Catherine writes


If your birds are young or not accustomed to the new larger cage yet, they will get stronger as they live it in so they can grip the bars better for climbing.

All cages will have some vertical bars, some have more horizontal bars than others for support.

The decades old concern about having vertical bars is due to year ago zoos would have large iron cages with thick vertical bars and possibly no horizontal bars at all.

The birds would climb up to the top, then use their beaks to slide down the bars thus creating deep grooves in their beaks from the friction.

This will not occur with budgies and you have nothing to fear. You can add ladders

Rope bars and palm woven into the bars is a simple hack (see video below)

[videopress uCbcJy6a]

A long toy, anything next to the bars will give the budgies something to climb onto. Adding a small Booda perch (a 21″ or 32″ to your cage will give them a stairway to the top easily.

I hope this helps.

Thank you

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