Perches are what parrots live on in the wild and the bird cage in your home. Having at least 3 types of perches are essential for any cage. Read about that here.

Birds are prey animals and may enjoy the comfort, warmth and privacy a sleep accessory may offer. Please ensure its use does not trigger hormonal (brooding) behavior.

Bird warmers allow your parrot or bird to choose how much heat to enjoy by snugging near or moving away from the heater. Prevents the need to heat an entire home and helps sick birds recover.

Sometimes you decide to breed birds, sometimes birds decide for you. Either way we’ve got you covered with everything you need to raise chicks.

 It was only a matter of time before Reality TV made it to the backyard. Who hasn’t watched birds going in and out of a birdhouse and wondered what was going on in there?

Plastic chain is quite versatile coming in a variety of sizes and colors. Plastic chain can be used as a perch or as a fun climbing toy. Metal chain like stainless steel can be used to create your own bird toys or repair old ones.

Say no to furniture climbing birds by offering them a durable and versatile alternative. Climbing nets are designed to allow birds the freedom they can’t get walking inside the cage and conventional home furnishings. 


Birds are on their feet 24/7 unless in-flight. In recent years we have learned that the perches we have offered our birds are more inappropriate than not in maintaining good foot health. Learn why.

Grooming perches should be slightly oversized in diameter to the birds nails are always in contact with the abrasive surface. The perches should be placed where the birds are active and will not be on them for extended periods.

Hanging toys and accessories in a birdcage can be challenging. The bigger the bird species the greater chance of destruction or bird toys ending up on the cage floor. Find the right tools here.

Most humans assume ladders are for climbing to a higher level. Ladders in a birdcage can be installed vertically or horizontally. They act as gateways to other areas of the cage or from the cage to the floor and more.

Regrettably, the majority of humans with a pet bird in their homes ignore the importance of light and light cycles. The amount of information that birds get from incoming light is enormous. Read more here.

Rope is a versatile substrate for bird cages. Soft rope perches help birds sleep better by placing less stress on their feet. Rope can be used to wrap “slippery” perches or difficult to navigate wire wrung ladders. 

In the wild, birds live in trees (for the most part). Trees sway so a swing is the closest we can come to a “swaying tree.” Not all birds will accept a swing in their cage. If you want to reduce the odds of rejection, read Where to Put a Swing & How to Get a Bird Used to It

Parrots in our home come from areas close to the equator with higher temperatures spread evenly throughout the year. We bring them into our North american homes with a wide variety of seasonal conditions.  Find accessories to help minimize stress here.

Cagescaping – a definition

to improve the caged bird’s home environment.

alter the appearance of a bird cage by arranging all the components to give the bird a sense for living in the wild.

  1. Improve the aesthetic appearance of (a bird cage) by changing adding the proper mixture of toys, accessories and feeders..

  2. “the bird home has been tastefully cagescaped”

Cagescaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of a bird cage  including:

  1. Placement of various of perches & ladders made from multiple textures

  2. Synthesize natural elements like creating a privacy canopy of toys in the upper ? of the cage

  3. Ensuring some food to be worked for not simply place in easily accessible feeding dishes

  4. Fixture(s) providing timed cycles of full spectrum lighting


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