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Bird food for Large Cockatoos at Windy City Parrot seed blends, fruit nut, and pellet blends.

Whether you have a Mouluccaan cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo, black Palm cockatoo, rose-breasted cockatoo, sulfur crested cockatoo, Ducorps cockatoo, or a Major Mitchell cockatoo we have the bird food that will meet your particular species of cockatoos nutritional needs

Cockatoo bird food for some of the largest of parrots. You can easily order the right bird foods. There are about 30 species of cockatoos  Larger parrots require more calories which means you need to provide more protein which breaks down to amino acids helping overall caloric burn and feather growth.

Larger parrots also like to hold food in their zygodactyl feet. They like to crack open nuts and explore the not meet with their beaks so it is important to provide them with the appropriate size foods which include walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios sunflower and many more.

Besides a high-quality manufactured bird food diet, it is important to supply your cockatoo with human foods including fruits and vegetables and even a piece of meat that you would share with your cockatoo every now and then at mealtime

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