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My 10-year-old granddaughter, Kiley, is extremely allergic to peanut butter.

She is at our home almost daily. I have to be 110 percent sure that our sun conure’s food does not ( or isn’t cross-contaminated) with any peanuts. It could literally kill her.

Please double-check each product to make sure they are safe to have in our home. I really appreciate your concern. I will call you in the a.m. to complete my order.

Thank you, Carol Turner

Dear Carol

NO bird food manufacturer will claim to be peanut-free in their packaging facility even if you buy varieties that say they are peanut-free.

You will have to make the choice of allowing your granddaughter to be exposed to the birds, their food, or not.

We cannot make any such claim on their safety for your granddaughter.

I am very sorry.



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