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Aglae Wrote:  Does the wire platform on the bottom of the bird cage hurt my bird? It seems uncomfortable to me.

Should I throw it out?

Maybe you can explain why all the cages have them.

Thank you,

Hi Aglae, 

Unless in flight, birds are their feet 24/7.

Actually the bird cage grate is the best surface for a parrot’s foot.

Waterbirds like seagulls have a web or flat feet which is why you’ll see seagulls on the top of street lamps, not on phone wires.

lower portion of bird cage
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Birds like parrots or say pigeons need to wrap their feet “around” branches perches or cage grates (or phone lines) so as to get a better grip.

Birds have very few nerves in their feet enabling them to stand on them except when they are in flight.

A tendon on the side of a bird’s leg locks a bird’s foot around a perch enabling them to sleep standing up. Because of the lack of nerves in their feet, they feel no pain.

The grate in a birdcage lets the refuse a bird leaves, fall through to the bottom where a tray can be removed for easy cleaning.

How Hagen grooming perches also help prevent arthritis in your bird’s feet – video

Grooming perches should be slightly oversized in diameter to the bird’s nails are always in contact with the abrasive surface.

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