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Tropimix incorporates Tropican Granules with more than 50% fruits and nuts and is free of husks or shells, eliminating messy waste.

Use Hagen Prime Supplement with Tropimix or Living World by Hagen.

A customer writes

OK… I need some advice.

Rosie is almost 12.

I have had her for almost 3 years.

I do not know her previous history …

When I got her. She was at a flea market.

I have tried pellets, fresh fruit, & veggies. SHE EATS NONE OF IT.

She will only eat cockatiel seed mix and MOST of that she throws out and just eats the sunflower seeds from it.

She loves junk.

She will starve herself waiting on what she wants.

Occasionally I get her to eat a carrot or potato or rice.. But that’s rare.. I

‘ve tried for 3 years but I don’t want to starve her. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat healthier?

Her vet says she is very healthy now.. But I know in the long run it will hurt her.

Feathered food factoids”

1) 100 g of sunflower have 51 g of fat 100 g of safflower contain 38 g – switching seeds solves little

2) blends like Higgins safflower gold and Hagen Tropimix – have seeds fruits nuts and pellets –  Lafebers Nutri Berries contain 8% pellets – Lafebers Avicakes contain 50% pellets

3) human vegetables offer little to no protein –

4) a simple pellet conversion technique is to remove all food in the cage and offer a dish of only pellets at birdie bed time until morning – always leave some food in the cage overnight – animals with 200 bpm like midnight snacks

Caveat – you would not allow a human child to eat nothing but ice cream because he or she demanded it  but you are allowing  a ¾ pound animal to dictate her own nutritional needs.



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