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Booda soft rope perches are excellent because they are easy and birds feet which make them great for sleeping. We also recommend them for plucking parrots.

Rope by itself can be used to create your own unique perches or to make birds. The possibilities are endless.

Hi Catherine,

You describe it as a “Booda” brand perch when your picture (and what I received) is an “AspenPet” brand. You might want to correct this.

Dear David

Booda was the name on every package from the beginning and customers call asking for “Booda” rope perches. Booda is what is entered into the search.

Booda “Comfy Rope” products were sold to a pet product conglomerate that owns several brands. Booda “Comfy Rope” products were renamed to ApsenPet “Comfy Rope” products.

Then before the ink was completely dry on the new labels they changed them to JW Pet “Comfy Rope” products. I think it was a marketing decision.

We have both labels mixed on the wall until the labels are only one. 

They are “Comfy Rope “products, all quality made by the same company, regardless of the brand name.

I hope this helps. We are sorry for the confusion.

Catherine Tobsing
President, Windy City Parrot

Use rope perches for sleeping perches, fun perches, bridges between cages and stands. They can be standalone play tops ( or play sides) in can be rearranged on a regular basis to constantly challenge your bird mentally and physically. They are available in three rope diameters.

The three diameters of rope perches, three links. Comfy Crosses, Comfy Swings and Byrdy Bushes each come in three sizes. The variety of sizes will accommodate any kind of caged bird from Gouldian Finches to Hyacinth Macaws.

The stiffness of the perches varies from shipment to shipment, each spool of rope used in the production of the perches will vary from lot to lot. The fact that the perches may have been twisted to fit into the box will not affect the stiffness of the perch.

They do soften in time as well, you can undo one end and twist a bit with the weave and it will tighten up even the oldest softened perches. Booda makes a fine product that we bring in weekly.

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