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Amazon parrots range in size from 11 to 17 inches and weigh from 250 to 700 grams (roughly 9 to 24 ounces).

Mealy Amazons are larger generally in the 15 to 16-inch range. Cuban Amazons are smaller in the 11 to 13-inch range.

Double yellow-headed Amazon’s, blue-fronted Amazons, Yellow-Naped Amazons Orange-winged Amazon, and Mealy Amazons of the most popular species that are usually kept as pets.

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Amazons can be great talkers and use their feet a lot especially when eating. They can live for 50 years or more and are probably one of the best species of talking parrots next to African Greys.

Almost all Amazons in the wild eat flowers, fruits, tree leaves, and even nectar. In captivity, it’s important to feed them a nutritious diet of both bird food and fresh food.

Amazons are prone to fatty liver disease so high consumption of nuts like sunflower seeds is not recommended.

It’s not surprising, that lilac crowned Amazons are found in feral populations of Southern California because of their proximity to Mexico. 

Some species of Amazon parrots like the St. Lucia Amazon are endangered species so we don’t see any as pets here in the US.  Amazon parrots are found in Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

Amazons are green in color, have short tails, and can be hard to differentiate between the species. Some Amazons like the Kawalls (aka White-faced Amazon or Kawalls parrot) will confuse you with other species like the Mealy Amazon until as recently as 1989.


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