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Harrison’s Motto says a lot about them: “Because the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Bird is to Feed it Right”. Years past, birds didn’t live as long in captivity because we really knew very little about their nutritional requirements. Now we know the large parrots can live to become over 100 years of age and we still don’t know how long they can live with the best nutrition all their lives.

Harrison’s is vitamin fortified and their complete, proven diets offer the prospect of the best long term health for your companion or breeder birds. They have been compared to commercial and homemade diets and come out on top. Their diets prevent bone disease caused by metabolic disorders and reduce or prevent high cholesterol.

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Harrison’s produced the first avian formulation made from certified organic ingredients. It is well-known that a diet based only on seed is not fully nutritious to ensure health and longevity in companion birds, much less for the added stress of breeding. Today, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in pet birds because so few people realize that cheap seed from stale sources is not the solution to a healthy pet.

Avian vets developed Harrison’s bird foods and leading aviculturists and bird nutritionists have found them to provide a complete diet. With proper nutrition comes the ideal pet parrot that is beautiful, with well-colored, sleek feathers. A healthy bird sings or makes natural noises, plays, grooms, and is generally active and affectionate with their flock mates, human or avian. Harrison’s bird food helps you develop this healthy bird in your feathered friend or friends.

Because birds are so chemical-sensitive, organic ingredients are important to Harrison’s. All their products contain organic ingredients certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA); some are even USDA Organic Certified and bear the seal to prove it. You can trust there are no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, preservatives or double-dosed vitamins in these products. There’s no bacteria, mold, and the natural enzymes are safe for birds and other animals to consume.

Find All Harrison’s Bird Food on Windycity Parrot Here.

Harrison’s foods are made from premium ingredients, including chunked whole grains and legumes. There are no milled or bleached flours or cereal byproducts in the food. Every single batch is tested for nutritional requirements, so you can feed Harrison’s bird food with peace of mind.

Harrison’s products come in fine grain pellets for smaller parrots and large grain pellets for the larger ones. You’ll also find mixtures for Adult Lifetime feeding, Pepper blend, High Potency blend, and Power Treats. There are a cooked Birdie Bread mixture and hand feeding formulas too.

It can be pretty easy to transition your bird from seeds to pellets. Use one of the Birdie Bread mixes to bake some birdie bread mixed with pellets. Serve this with a little seed or other usual diets. Slowly add more pellets to the birdie bread and reduce the seeds or another diet. Continue the process until the birds accept Harrison’s diet alone, baking birdie bread as a treat or for birds that like something to eat with during family mealtimes (that includes just about every companion parrot, I think).

Generally speaking, pellet bird food is not recommended for Eclectus parrots. In this brief video, you’ll hear from Avian Vet Dr. Ross Perry why he feels Harrison’s can be helpful for an Eclectus diet.

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