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Lafeber Company was built by a father-son team of veterinarians with a shared love of animals and a special passion for birds.

Micro rant-> Most caged bird keepers give nowhere near the credit our birds deserve.

The caged prisoner you care for has the potential to mimic human speech, can fly, can use their feet as well as their beaks to manipulate food and other objects – knows the precise time of day – can pre-plan events into the future – and did I mention they can fly?

The single biggest refrain we hear from our customers is “my bird doesn’t like” – fill in the blank.

Drilling down, what we are saying is “I’m a 75 kg human that is accepting the decisions of a 100 g feathered animal”

Real-life example.

We love Lafeber’s Avi Cakes because of their 100% nutritional proposition.

The second week Peaches, our Senegal parrot was home I cracked open a bag of Avi-Cakes “for parrots” and offered a square to Peaches.

She’d have nothing to do with it.

She would not beak it, she would not grab it with her right “eating” foot.

I thought about it for a moment, ground the square between my thumb and forefinger making it into a jumbled strand of seed and pellets.

It instantly became one of her favorite nutritional substrates.

This isn’t rocket surgery people.

End rant

We have taken this attitude about Lafebers foraging foods to our 10 budgies.

If we get a cracked container of nutriberries, we receive a credit from the lafeber company and then grind them up for our keets.

They devour bird food with (8%) pellets.


Classic Parrot Nutri-Berries: Recommended number to feed the companion parrot
Body weight (g) Kcl/day Berries/day 50% waste*
100 28.79 2 4
200 47.75 3 6
300 64.2 4 8
400 79.2 5 10
500 93.21 6 12
600 106.48 7 14
700 119.16 8 16
800 131.36 9 18
900 143.16 20 20
1000 154.6 11 22
1100 165.74 11 22
1200 176.61 12 24
1300 187.24 13 26
1400 197.64 13 26
1500 207.85 14 28
*Number of berries recommended daily assuming 50% waste


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