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Hi, I need to get a new perch for my 2 Timneh greys, specifically the Hagen Hari grooming perch. I was wondering if you could tell me the circumference/ diameter of the 13′ and the 8″?

Dear Greg

Bigger is better as far as grooming perches go. You want your bird’s nails to rub ON the rough surface, not wrap around them. As they are abrasive they are not slippery.

The large would be good for sitting and grooming. Proper placement of grooming perches means not in the rear up high so the bird does not use it for sleep.

How Hagen grooming perches also help prevent arthritis in your birds’ feet ~ video

They should not be used for sleeping at night. It is hard on their feet to be on one so long. Instead, place it lower and in the front or the side of the cage.

The medium or even the small size would be good to place near food dishes so it is used when the bird is eating, it also serves to rub their beak on and helps with beak cracks.

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