Note – It’s best to hang your net more horizontally than vertically.
This will help poop fall through rather than on parts of the net below

We have a 27 yr old domestic Harlequin Macaw which we hand raised from a downy chick. He’s healthy (according to our vet) and happy (he says, no plucking, anyway)

He is not clipped. His life is spent almost exclusively in his cage for his own protection from the 5 bulldogs, one Irish Wolfhound, one Great Dane and one Golden Retriever, killers all.

They are never the less his buddies, his flock and his source of never ending entertainment, all participating in “singing” their own arrangements of either the Anvil or the Hallelujah chorus (they know both) in 9 part harmony.

Harley is sometimes the instigator but regardless who starts it, he always joins in. He dances with them and invites them to stick their nose in his cage. He doesn’t seem to lack for entertainment

Hi Ellen

The entertainment of your Harlequin Macaw Sounds great but with all his canine Buddies most likely exercising to their heart’s content Harley who probably needs exercise most gets none.

I would advocate either installing a climbing net or two  hung horizontally high in the room

or a series of rope bungees

again strung horizontally  close to the ceiling perhaps even in an oval configuration getting Harley some out of the cage time safely above the dogs.

being fully flighted is an advantage for Harley with all the dogs in the room. You could conceivably  use a climbing net as a gateway to the series of bungee rope perches.

some out-of-the-box ideas for you and Harley

best of luck – mitchr


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