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Parrot Play stands

When your bird is outside its cage and not perching on you, it needs somewhere fun and safe to perch. A parrot play stand makes the perfect place for your bird to relax and play while you talk together and interact. It is also a great place for training sessions.

What should you look for in a bird play stand? First and foremost, it should be the right size for the species of birds that will be using it. There are play stands available for every size bird, from budgies to macaws.

You should also look for a playstand that fits into your home space. There are choices of tabletop models, hanging models and tall, floor stands.

There are many shapes as well, Most popular styles are square for easy cleaning and because they can fit anywhere in the home, even near a corner.

You can choose a parrot play stand that has space for tons of toys and perches or a simple one for resting during play breaks. It should have a place for food and water to be available to the bird while it plays or rests there and can even include climbing ropes, a swing, foraging toys and much more. 

If you can imagine it, it is available and ready to be brought to your door for your bird. Casters are included on some floor standing models while others stand in place. When making this choice, consider how you will be cleaning the stand and how far you may wish to move it. Some parrot playstands have casters as an added option.

Choose the style that will be most convenient for you. If your bird has clipped wings or is flight trained, a portable tabletop play stand is perfect for taking the parrot outside for healthy Vitamin D-building sunshine. Always supervise your parrot when it is outdoors to prevent a predator attack.

These bird stands Windy City Parrot carriers are made by Mango Pet Company, a company that believes.

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