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2 white capped pionus perched in the wild

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4 bird cages with lighting containing Keto - African ringneck ~M Chili ~ Blue quaker ~ M Barney ~ Grey teil ~ M Bacon - Blue budgie ~F Jam ~ Yellow budgie ~ F Lucky ~ Green budgie ~ F Waffles ~ Blue budgie (yellow on head) ~ M Chicken ~ Blue budgie ~ F Priscilla ~ Blue budgie ~ M (not a typo) Smoke ~ Purple budgie ~ F Bagel ~ Blue budgie ~ F No name budgie baby 1 No name budgie baby 2  No name budgie baby 3 

Our own impersonation of Busch Gardens or Jurassic Park

Who doesn’t crave 900 watts of full spectrum lighting automatically turning on @ 7:30 AM CST DST
I’ve embraced sleep masks, audio has become a slippery slope

Windy City Parrot’s flock census as of 11/26/2022

  1. Keto – African ringneck ~M
  2. Chili ~ Blue quaker ~ M
  3. Barney ~ Grey teil ~ M
  4. Jam ~ Yellow budgie ~ F
  5. Lucky ~ Green budgie ~ F
  6. Waffles ~ Blue budgie (yellow on head) ~ M
  7. Chicken ~ Blue budgie ~ F
  8. No name budgie baby 1 123
  9. No name budgie baby 2 123
  10. No name budgie baby 3 123

3 baby budgie different ages in cedar shaving lined nest box


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