Is It Okay to Clip a Parrotlet’s Wings???

Is It Okay to Clip a Parrotlet’s Wings???

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Chris S. asks, 


Is it okay to clip a parrotlets wings???


Dear Chris, 


You can clip ANY bird’s wings. But it is best to have a good reason for it.


If the bird is new to you and your home and you are trying to get the new bird to learn where his cage is and settle in, and/or also trying to bond with a new baby bird. 


ONE time clipped is fine, once they grow back out the bird knows where everything is and who you are.


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Or if your home or apartment is set up so if someone opens a door the bird could suddenly fly out and be lost and you have no way of making the place safe enough that it doesn’t happen. Then clipping may be needed always.


Otherwise, birds need their wings intact so they can properly exercise their upper body for good health.


Keeping Birds and Parrots Flighted by Greg Glendell


Imagine how poorly you might develop your own body if you had no arms and how hard it might be to keep your balance.


If you must clip, do only just enough so the bird doesn’t drop like a rock. When done clipping, set the bird on the floor so when it takes off it realizes its limitations and doesn’t crash.


I hope this helps.




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