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Bird Cage Cover by Prevue 12503 Fits Flat Top Cages 31″


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Prevue “Good Night” Birdcage Cover Fits Flat Top Cages 31 Inch to 37 Inch Wide

Very nice 100% Bird Safe Breathable Material, Machine washable black fabric gives your parrot the privacy it needs for a good nights sleep every night. Front flips up or down as desired.

Covers are decorated with a handsome embroidered Prevue logo Hand washing is recommended Each cover fits a range of cage sizes, and as a result, may overhang cages on the smaller end of the range 

Fits all Flat Top parrot cages ranging in size from 31″ W x 21″ D up to 37″ W x 25″ D. The cover hangs down 41″ if the cage is 21″ D and hangs down 48″ if the cage is 25″ D

  • Non-Toxic
  • Color Fast
  • 100% Bird Safe
  • Breathable Material
  • Machine washable 

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For your bird’s safety, inspect when new and regularly for threads, torn or damaged areas; replace when the product is worn or picked apart. Fabric items are not returnable due to the potential of biohazards. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Specifically fits Prevue cages: #F030, #F040, #F050, #3351, #3352, #3151, #3152, #3141, #3161, #3162.

Also Fits HQ 13221 cages and AE 13221 cages


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