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Night Fright Night Light Clamp Light With Bulb

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The Bird LED Night Light is suitable for any and all species of birds.

We decided to include the clamp light to make it easy for the caged Bird keeper place this LED nightlight on the birdcage or elsewhere in the room like on a shelf or a piece of furniture.
Why your bird needs this: The majority of caged birds are jittery at best. Cockatiels especially are known to have night frights regularly. Even humans can easily be startled when sleeping in total darkness.
Clearly, one difference between humans and birds are that we don’t start flapping our arms wildly like birds do their wings when scared (that flight or bite thing) Birds especially those with clipped wings and manicured toenails can easily fall off a sleeping perch due to a lack of balance and grip.
Certain areas of your birds cage slightly illuminated at night your bird doesn’t have to guess where things like their food and water dish are one against the nighttime munchies much like you and me.

Here’s the stuff that many of you think you need to know but really doesn’t matter:
  • Frosted Glass for Eye Comfort:our led low lumen light bulbs has a frosted finish and the inside filaments is hidden to block the harmful effect,meanwhile preventing eye fatigue compared with other clear mini led bulb.Less harsh glares,more eye comfort.
  • Energy Saving: Those T28 frosted glass night light bulbs could replace 15 watt incandescent bulbs,4 watt or 7 watt night light bulb, helping you save up to 85% of your electric bill.
  • Small Tube Design: This tubular shape that can fit in any E26 standard socket. Our mini e26 edison bulb is 360 degree lighting,no shadow or dark area. Perfect for chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, ceiling fans and other light fixtures.
  • 15 watt Equivalent E26 medium base light bulbs, Size 2.4*1.1 IN, AC110V-130V, CRI>90, PF>0.9, 360 degree, turn on instantly; with overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection is more safty for your family.
  • Up to 20,000 hours lifespan, last over 18 years (based on 3 hours per day). Small Tips:The T28 LED bulb is non-dimmable, and not compatible with any dimmer switches. 
The LED birdie nighttime bulb has a standard screw-in bulb base.
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