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Grooming Pedi-Perch Bolt On 80905 Hagen HARI Small 6″

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Grooming Pedi-Perch Bolt On By Hagen Hari Small 6″ x 1″ thick
The Living World® Pedi-Perch is a self-grooming, non-toxic, cement perch for birds that helps trim and maintain blunt, well-groomed nails. The multi-grip, wavy surface promotes foot circulation and helps prevent arthritis and atrophy. In addition, it also helps clean and condition the bird’s beak. Install Pedi-Perch on the cage door, provided that it is not the highest perch available.

Always have a variety of perches in the cage to prevent foot problems, such as bumble foot. Monitor the health of your bird’s feet regularly. To clean, scrub Pedi-Perch under water with soap. Ensure that it is completely dry before putting it back in the cage.

Pedicure perch with graduated thickness for an easier grip for your parrot.

Perches are sized at their widest point, Indented areas are narrower. They may seem thick for the small birds but that is to maximize the amount of surface area to naturally file down nails.

Assorted pastel colors.

Proper bird grooming perch installation and use

Video showing how Hagen HARI grooming perches work

Grooming perches are one of the more misunderstood bird cage accessories. Some veterinarians flat-out tell their patients not to use them at all.

Once you understand the proper use you’ll see this one texture of perch your cage should not be without.

You try to include what bird sizes match up to the accessory in the listing. Because there are hundreds of species of parrots and parakeets it’s not always easy to make a precise recommendation. The diameter of the grooming perch should be large enough so the front toes do not meet the back toes. In this way, the ends of the toenails are always sliding against a rough surface helping keep the nails and optimal length

Grooming perches come in a number of surfaces from literally sandpaper to ground calcium to concrete and other materials. They are designed to keep your birds nails and beak trimmed.

By no means should any sort of grooming perch be used to sleep on this can irritate your bird’s feet and cause sores over time. Ironically we get complaints all the time from people whose birds feet had developed sores and inevitably when asked what kind of perch the birds slept on the answer is usually a grooming perch that was placed up high in the cage and was the birds main sleeping perch. 

We suggest grooming perches be placed in one of two areas of the bird cage. Either install it inside the cage door where the bird can come down and rest on when the door opens. Because the bird is happy to get out of the cage they will do a brief happy dance which will aid in grooming their nails.

We feel the best place for the grooming perch is near the food bowls. Birds spend 10 to 15 min. a day in their food bowls in general. While they are eating their very active which means their feet are always moving on the perch which aids in grooming the nails.

They will usually wipe their beak in the middle of the meal or at the end of the meal to remove food particulate off. If they’re standing on a grooming perch when they like them, grooming perch will help them keep it trim and sharp. A bird’s beak is its most important piece of anatomy and so a grooming perch while dining will prove to be very helpful in maintaining your bird’s overall health.

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