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Indoor Aviary Bird Cage and Stand for Smaller Birds by AE 13221 Blue

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Indoor Aviary Bird Cage & Stand for Smaller Birds by AE 32×21 Blue

Parrot Cage Dimensions:
31-3/4″ w x 21″ d x 35″ h
Overall height 59″
Bar spacing 1/2″

If you need flight room for your finches or conures, look no further. What’s great about this cage is the 32-inch width and long feeder dishes.  Plus it comes in all colors to match your decor. The best, too, is the handy storage shelf for papers and food.  All round great value and a great cage for your small birds and small parrots.  You don’t have to take our word for it, read on below for the reviews!

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Not recommended for tiny finches like the orange-cheeked or strawberry finch as the opening around doors may be a bit wider than the 1/2″ cage bar spacing.

  • Slide out grate (This is the “floor” that the birds walk on)
  • Slide out tray (To catch debris)
  • Open Cage bottom under bottom slide-out tray
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron 
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • Large opening door
  • 2 Feed cups
  • 2 Wood perches
  • 2 Nest Box Doors
  • Storage shelf
  • 4 EZ roll casters
  • Top Opens
  • Assembly time – Approximately 30 minutes
  • Tools required Screwdriver (electric preferred), pliers

AE 13221 

Mitch Rezman

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