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Pollys Manu Mineral Perch Large 8″


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Manu Mineral Perch by Polly’s Pet Products – Large

8 In (20.3 cm) Long x 1-1/2 In (1.3 cm) thick (actual size may vary)

Jungle Secret Revealed! Contains the same 9 minerals found in the natural Peruvian deposits that birds need to stay healthy.

High on the banks of the Manu River, flowing from the foothills of Peru’s Andes to the mighty Amazon, wild birds flock to ingest the rivers natural mineral-rich clay.

Now your bird can benefit from these mineral supplements.

Infused with long-lasting mineral compounds this alternate perch provides both additional roosting and chewing opportunities. Birds love it!

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Each Mineral is present in the exact amount necessary to nutritionally balance the other foods they eat. 

  • Natural Perch Cholla Cactus wood supplies a natural perch infused with long-lasting Manu minerals
  • Provides Essential Minerals
  • Perch provides a satisfying essential chewing activity
  • 2 Washers and wing nuts make installation easy on any side of the cage
  • Helps maintain good foot health
Manu Clay Ingredients: Calcium sulfate, iron oxide, bentonite clay, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, and manganese oxide.
Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein 0.1% – Crude fat 0.1% – Crude fiber 0.2% – Moisture (max) 18.0% – Calcium (min) 19.0%
Mount higher than the perch it’s replacing. Place the washer on the inside of the cage while placing the second washer on the outside of the cage and tighten the wing nut.
You can clean with water, brush lightly, and rinse thoroughly. Do not soak perch.
Mitch Rezman

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