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Nekton R Vitamin for Improved Red Feather 700g

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Nekton R Vitamin for Improved Red Feather 750 g (1.65 lb) 

Ingredients Vitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, D-pantothenic acid, niacinamide, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin K3, biotin.

Amino Acids: L-alanine / L-arginine / L-aspartic acid / L-cystine / L-glutamine / L-glycine / L-histidine / L-isoleucine /L-leucine / L-lysine / DL-methionine / L-phenylalanine / L-proline / L-serine /L-threonine / L-tryptophan / L-tyrosine / L-valine.

Macro/Trace Elements: Manganese / zinc / copper / iron / cobalt / iodine / calcium.

Carotenoid: Canthaxanthin

It contains the carotenoid Canthaxanthin to preserve and enhance red parts of plumage and deepen other colors. Effective additive to bird feed to bring out colors in the same brilliance they have in their natural surroundings. In addition, NEKTON-R is a well-balanced formula of amino acids, essential vitamins, and minerals as an excellent aid to good health and condition during the molt.

NEKTON-R boosts the red coloring in the plumage of such birds like goldfinches, crossbills, red canaries, red siskins, painted buntings, cardinals, sunbirds, ibises, and flamingos as well as all other species producing carotenoid in their plumage.

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To be used when new feathers are growing in.

Vitamin supplement to brighten colors, enhance plumage and prevent colors fading

Feathers are given their colors by the deposits of carotenoids, red and yellow pigments/lipochromes, found in plants and the fatty tissues of animals. Although the deposits are minute they are spread over the whole surface of the feathers creating the various shades. 

Carotenoids are the most widely distributed pigments in nature and are found in all parts of plants, even in the green parts, where they are overshadowed by the preponderance of green chlorophyll. An animal’s organism is not capable of synthesizing carotenoids itself which means these color pigments must form part of the dietary intake.


NEKTON-R is in powder form and water-dispersible, meaning it can be easily added to the drinking water (more practical for seed-eaters) or dusted over the egg/soft food. Begin using NEKTON-R as soon as the molt starts and continue until the bird has regained its plumage in full color. It can be used in addition to NEKTON-R for species with particular feather-growth problems during the molt. After NEKTON-R is no longer needed to give your bird our multivitamin supplement NEKTON-S to help keep it healthy and free from infection.


NEKTON-R is a special bird food supplement containing vital vitamins, numerous amino acids and a balance of macro and trace elements with the nature-identical fatty pigment canthaxanthin. This boosts the red coloring in the plumage of such birds like goldfinches, linnets, redpolls, crossbills, house finches, red canaries, red siskins, painted buntings, cardinals, sunbirds, ibises, and flamingos.

NEKTON-R is a formula of highly effective substances to prevent a bird‘s coloring from fading and maintain the natural gloss and brilliance of its plumage and supports and strengthens the metabolism during molting. The secret is its canthaxanthin content. Canthaxanthin is the fatty pigment (lipochrome) most frequently found in the red feather parts. 

Thus NEKTON-R is based on a completely nature-identical carotenoid, which a bird‘s organism would normally form itself in the natural wild. After a regular dose of NEKTON-R, all species with natural red parts in the plumage regain even and intensive colors as well as glossy, healthy plumage.

NEKTON-R is given shortly before and during the molt. The molt is a time of great strain on a bird‘s organism. Feather growth alone requires an abundant supply of vitamins, indispensable amino acids, minerals, and trace elements. NEKTON-R has a well-balanced formula of all these essential nutritive and active substances to enable a bird to withstand these pressures and produce a full, faultless and healthy plumage.

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