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Nesting Material Pine Shavings for Bird Parrot Nest Boxes 4 oz

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Fat zip plastic bag filled with fresh and clean, fluffy safe pine shavings for use in nest boxes, bedding for breeding and baby birds. Use new bedding as needed, throw out when soiled and between clutches and after each use.

Do not save used bedding materials between clutches as insects and bacteria can breed in it. Be safe, use fresh bedding every time.
Do not use too much in the nest box, the eggs must not be able to sink out of sight. But the floor of the box should be covered with an indent for the eggs to collect. The mom will adjust the shavings to her liking. If you see a lot of shavings tossed out of the box, you may have put too many in the first time. Remember to cut back next time.

10″ x 8″ x 3″ zip bag of clean pine shavings

Made in Canada

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