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Play Top Bird Cage for Small Medium Parrots by Prevue 3152 White


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There’s a reason we sell the most bird cages; we only carry the best cages on the market, like this Play Top. This 5 Star Reviewed small parrot cage is designed to look after all your bird’s needs and yours.

Its cleverly designed spring loaded locks plus extra gravity lock ensure your wee Houdini doesn’t escape while you’re away. The two inside feeder cups are accessible from outside and locked down so your smartie pants can’t, as they will, dump their dishes.
Parrot Cage Dimensions:
24″ W x 20″ D x 60″ H (overall)
With Seed Guards:32 1/8″ W x 28 1/8″ D

34″ Interior Height

3/4″ Bar spacingg

The play top provides a foraging station to stimulate and exercise your parrot. It’s also excellent for your breakfast and dinner bonding time. With four smooth rolling caster wheels and small dimensions, it can be easily rolled from room to room.
The easy to clean powder coat and rounded seed guards are for you.
If you have room for only one cage for your conure or cockatiel, this is your cage.
Cage assembly video below

  • Playpen top with 2 stainless steel cups
  • 2 Hardwood dowel perches
  • 2 Stainless feeder cups inside the cage
    (Accessible from the out side)
  • Rounded corner seed guards
  • Pull out grille
  • 2 Pull out drawers
    (One lower, one up top)
  • Cage wall between the lower grate
    & lower tray (So birds can’t pick at garbage)
  • Spring loaded safety lock
  • Second gravity door lock for extra security
  • 4 Stainless ball bearing casters
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • Hex head bird proof screws (Hex wrench included)
  • Estimated assembly time 30 minutes*

*For you tool guys and gals, we take the factory supplied “L” shaped Hex wrench and slice off the “L”. Then we stick the remaining straight partin our cordless drill. (Yeah, we’re thinking of doing this for a living)

Cage assembly is easy with this video.

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