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Prevue Pet Bird Toy 60244 Plucky Pyramid

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Prevue Pet Bird Toy 60244 Plucky Pyramid

This new collection provides lots of shreddable fibers, paper, threads, and materials to pick apart—great for nesting or everyday foraging/seeking instincts.

Approx: 3″ long, 3″ wide by 9″ high

  • A Playfuls™ Forage & Engage toy!
  • A carton with cutouts, filled with paper strips to satisfy foraging and nest-building instincts
  • Replenish with fibers or treats when original contents are depleted
  • Toy swings and sways when plucked, adding an additional level of engagement
  • An engaging, mentally stimulating toy as birds are challenged to extract the enclosed paper strips
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized birds

Prevue Pet Products 60244 Plucky Pyramid is a Playfuls™ Forage & Engage bird toy, ideal for small and medium-sized birds. Hand-made from a folding carton, paper and sisal rope. The carton is packed with pluckable, extractable paper ribbons to engage birds and satisfy foraging and nesting instincts. The toy will swing and sway as materials are plucked, adding a delightful visual attraction and physical challenge. The carton can be replenished with fibers and treats when depleted. 

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