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Prevue Pet Bird Toy 60249 Party Popper

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Prevue Pet Bird Toy 60249 Party Popper

This new collection provides lots of shreddable fibers, paper, threads, and materials to pick apart—great for nesting or everyday foraging/seeking instincts.

Approx: 6’’ long, 2 1/2’’ wide and 12 3/4″ high

  • A Playfuls™ Preen & Pacify toy!
  • Bundles of colorful paper strips and sterilized coconut fibers to satisfy preening, plucking and nest-building instincts
  • Paperboard corners for shredding and destroying
  • Colorful hardwoods for knawing and biting keep beaks and claws busy, active and healthy
  • Bird-safe plastic cup for hiding treats and foraging fun
  • This toy can promote calmness and contentment which is beneficial for your bird’s overall well-being

Bird activity toys are essential for a bird’s mental health, happiness, and well-being. Offering birds a variety of toys discourages destructive behaviors and provides mental stimulation, exercise, and fulfills instinctive needs.

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