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Prevue Pet Bird Toy 62662 Wild N Wooly


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Prevue Bird Toy for Small Parrots 62662 Wild N Wooly

Prevue Pet Products Wild-n-Wolly 62662 provides your bird with plenty of ways to satisfy plucking and preening urges. Easily connected to your birdcage with quick-link attachments and made from 100% safe, non-toxic materials and FD&C colors bird toys may contain a combination of knotted rope, plastic beads, crinkly paper, wooden circles and woven natural palm leaves. Bird Toy is approximately 11’’ long and 5’’ wide, ideal for medium and large sized birds.

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  • A delight for a full range of chomping and chewing.
  • These toys will keep climbing, grabbing, chomping and chewing birds stimulated!
  • A good all-around physical toy
  • Great for foot and beak exercise

Bird toys are essential for a bird’s mental health, happiness, and well-being. Offering birds a variety of toys discourages destructive behaviors and provides mental stimulation, exercise, and fulfills instinctive needs.

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