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Replacement Perches 370 10 Inches Long X 3/8 Inch 2 pc

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Replacement Perches 10 Inches Long X 3/8 Inch 2 pc
2 perches per package -10 Inches (24.5 cm) Long x 3/8 Inch (9.53 mm) Diameter
Basic hard wood dowel perches complete with plastic capped ends to make cage placement easier.  
  • A variety of unvarnished hardwood perches
  • Bagged two-to-a-package
  • Birdie Basics accessories are the perfect complement to any style bird cage
  • Perches are great for birds of all sizes! 
Plastic caps can be removed and the perch cut down if needed and the cap replaced. 
Our bird cage accessories provide birds with a place to sit, play, and exercise. 
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