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Play Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by Prevue 3455 Stainless Steel

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All new Stainless Steel Play Top cage by Prevue Pet. The play top provides a foraging station to stimulate and exercise your parrot. It’s also excellent for your breakfast and dinner bonding time. This terrific new cage has an easy-to-clean polished steel surface and stainless steel casters.
Polished Stainless Steel
Parrot Cage Dimensions:
Overall Size: 31 ½’’ long, 23 5/8’’ wide and 61 1/4’’ high (to top of play top)
1″ wire spacing
Wire Gauge: 9 & 10 
  • An all-stainless steel bird home n the perches) with playtop
  • Front door features two different style bird-proof locks
  • Grille lock
  • “Lock-in-place” stainless steel food/water cups*
  • Durable, lockable rolling casters
  • Playtop components include stainless steel perch, ladder, food/water cups, a toy hook (on the perch), and a removable grille and tray

With ample space and all-stainless steel construction (right down to the perches), this tough, durable cage will stand up to any medium to large parrot. 

* The Stainless Steel dishes for this cage are unique to this style. The Prevue Select Replacement dishes in either Stainless or ceramic do not fit this cage. We hope to be able to offer replacement dishes for this cage soon.

Prevue Pet Products Large Stainless Steel Play Top Bird Cage 3455 is a rust-resistant, all-stainless steel bird home with play top.
Play top components include stainless steel perch, ladder, food and water cups, one toy hook connected to the perch plus a removable grille and tray.
The large front door features two different styles of bird-proof locks to keep your feathered friend from escaping.
Lock-in-place stainless steel food and water cups help reduce mess. Durable, lockable, rolling casters allow you to move your bird cage easily from room to room or indoors to outdoors.
Both interior and play top perches are textured stainless steel, great for providing foot exercise.
Cage and play top sections feature a removable grille and tray with grille locks.
Suitable for cockatiels, amazons, African greys, and similar medium to large-size birds – all Prevue cages undergo independent lab testing to conform to the highest levels of pet safety.
Our Stainless Steel bird home measures 31 ½’’ long, 23 5/8’’ wide and 61 1/4’’ high to the top of the play top with 1’’ wire spacing and 10 & 11 gauge wires.


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