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Warm Snuggle Sack for Birds 1168G Prevue Medium Green

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Warm Snuggle Sack for Birds Medium Green
Measures 7-1/2 In (19.1 cm) Long by 5-1/4 (13.3 cm) wide by 10 In (25.4 cm) High
2-1/2 In (6.4 cm) Diameter opening
Long tailed birds may need a size or two larger, or try a Snuggle Hut
Prevue Pet Snuggle Sack has a warm, soft fleece interior to protect pets from cold drafts and attaches easily to the cage with 2 clips. The cozy interior provides a great place for pets to sleep, play and hide. 
  • Cozy shelter offers a bird a place to hide, play & sleep.
  • Simply hang in cage with sewn in hooks (included).
  • Sturdy plastic bottom helps maintain shape.
  • Wash weekly; hand wash and air dry only.  

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For your bird’s safety, inspect when new and regularly for threads, torn or damaged areas; replace when product is worn or picked apart. Fabric items are not returnable due to the potential of bio hazards. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Review: I bought 2 of these. One for my parakeet and one for my cockatiel. Both are older birds so they were terrified of it in their cages. It is made well and looks comfy enough. (Wish they made one in my size so I could hide away from the world at times!!)

I think if you have a younger bird or one that is naturally curious, this will work out fine. I had to take it out of my birds cages after keeping them in for a about an hour because the birds were clinging to the sides of their cages. I even tried to put a piece of millet in it to entice them, but they wouldn’t move towards it at all. It does take up a significant amount of room so make sure you work the measurements. I will give mine to the local animal shelter that has a number of different birds

Greetings sb

Before you give the snuggle six away you may want to consider taking them out of the cage and leave them somewhat close to the cage on a piece of newspaper paper towel so they can around the units examine it without it being in their beaks right off the bat.
If they’re allowed out of the cage time sprinkle some seed or millet in and around the sacks and keep them out for a few days to allow the birds to get used to them. You’ll know from their demeanor if they’re ready to accept them into their cages after a few days.
Hope that helps – mitchr
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