Lixit Stopper Replacement for Lixit Snapple Bottles Small 5/16


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Stopper Only for Small 5/16″ Nozzle Hole – Canaries, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Finches, and other softbill birds

If your parrot has Chewed up the stopper or The rubber has gotten stiff and crackeor The rubber is old and shrunk enough to allow leaking but the nozzle is still good,

You can just pull out the nozzle and use a new stopper to bring new life to your LIXIT juice bottle water bottle system.
These safe rubber stoppers can be used on nozzles from LIXIT juice bottle kits only. They will NOT fit the milk bottle-shaped LIXIT bottles.
Please note: Do not use bleach with rubber products to avoid premature degrading.


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