Bird and Parrot Rescue In the News

Bird and Parrot Rescue In the News


Caribbean parrots thought to be endemic are actually relicts of millennial-scale extinction

The Mystery of Australia’s Paralyzed Parrots

October 2023

Endangered parrot species is now thriving in Texas, researchers find

Parrot stolen 3 years ago reunited with owner after telling cops its name

September 2023

Researchers sequence genomes of rare parrot to help it thrive

Road runner: Emu on the loose in southeastern Mass

More Explores: Visit the Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda – ABC7 Southwest Florida

Parrots from iconic Lahaina Bird Stand survive Maui wildfires

August 2023

Cornell Hawks Cam: 2023 Season Highlights

July 2023

Foster care saves ‘miracle’ condor chick after mother dies in Arizona bird flu outbreak |

Fledgling Fun With The Cornell Hawks

Pack of Wotsits used to rescue missing parrot – BBC News

Window treatment protects the lives of birds | Binghamton News

Wildlife photographer arrested in Tasmanian forest where swift parrot habitat is being logged

June 2023

After Expert Medical Attention, First Hawk Takes Flight

Why are there so many parrots in Los Angeles?

May 2023

Video ~ Red-tailed Hawk Hatchlings

Hatching Imminent For Red-tailed Hawks

Tap or click to watch the Cornell Hawks Cam.

The Red-tailed Hawk eggs may begin hatching today (5/4/2023)
May 4! Watch for signs of hatching live on the Cornell Hawks Cam

April 2023

Rescue Parrot’s Dramatic Demands for a Cup of Tea Are Oscar-Worthy

March 2023

Woman searches for missing parrot using Addams Family theme

February 2023

SC firefighters rescue macaw from tree

Conservation Comment: Pesty pet parrots

Great horned owl recovering after rescued from icy lake in Indiana

January 2023

Escaped pet parrots threaten New Zealand’s vulnerable native birds – why a ban is the best solution

CBP in Eagle Pass discovers tiny green parrot during inspection

Planned wind farm told it will need to shut down for five months a year to protect parrots

Added the week of 12/11/2022

Mayor uses municipal crane to rescue his fugitive parrot

Added the week of 10/16/2022

31-Year-Old Cockatoo’s Love for New Rescue Mom Is Absolutely Beautiful

Added the week of 9/25/2022

Unprecedented access: Inside Tasmania’s orange-bellied parrot captive breeding program

Rescuers flock together to save 275 parrots stranded by Ian

Added the week of 9/18/2022

50 Year Old Rescued Cockatoo Barks Like a Dog

Added the week of 8/7/2022

Sheida Soleimani’s Art Is for the Birds

The most awe-inspiring and exuberant birds are facing extinction first – let’s stop nature becoming boring

Added the week of 8/1/2022

Londonderry family finds missing cockatiel about 40 miles away from home thanks to social media post

Bird smuggler turned gamekeeper: the man shining a light on illegal wildlife trade

Added the week of 7/17/2022

We helped save the world’s ‘weirdest bird.’ Here’s how

Rescue Birds Are Ready to Welcome Back Patrons at The Perch Brewery

Largest parrot colony in the world lives in Patagonia’s crumbling cliffs

Added the week of 6/12/2022

Two decades after it disappeared in nature, the stunning blue Spix’s macaw will be reintroduced to its forest home

Added the week of 5/22/2022

Community bands together to rescue green-winged macaw parrot which escaped from Sway home

Added the week of 5/15/2022

TIDE highlights challenges of protecting endangered Yellow-head Parrots on International Biodiversity Day

Lost parrot found after 4 months of South Dakota winter:

Added 4/24/2022.

‘Lucky’ bird: Pennsylvania cockatiel, lost for 3 years, found perched at a church.

Added 4/10/2022

Parakeets rescued from local trail now need homes

Added 9/10/2021

Electric fences found to protect beach-nesting birds from dog-walkers

Added 8/29/2021

Birds of prey face global decline from habitat loss, poisons

Added 8/27/2021
We are going to lose these birds’: the quiet fight to save the golden-shouldered parrot

Added 8/11/2021
Superb new homes for rare parrots

Added 7/6/2021
Wild macaw parrots need to be protected from poachers in Miami-Dade, residents say

Added 7/6/2021
Animals are shrinking. Blame climate change.

Added 7/6/2021
Researchers use genetics to help threatened Amazon parrots

Added 6/30/2021
Amazon eagle faces starvation in ‘last stronghold’

Added 6/25/2021
LI Animal Advocates React To Lindenhurst Parrot Nest Destruction

Added 6/13/2021
How To Save Wild Parrots: Some Suggestions From Grey Parrots

Added 6/2/2021
Heidi Fleiss and parrot ‘Miller’ reunited

Added 5/31/2021
Common French bird species face a “relentless” decline

Added 5/20/2021
Securing a swift return: how a simple brick can help migratory birds

Added 5/15/2021
Rare orange-eyed owl spotted for the first time in more than 125 years

Added 5/6/2021
Adorable Adoptable Pet Birds Of The Week (5/2/2021) At Eureka-Wildwood Area Shelters

Added 5/2/2021
The story of the Paradise parrot – the only mainland Australian bird marked ‘extinct’

Added 4/29/2021
How Bermuda Is Scrambling to Save Its National Bird

Added 4/20/2021
Endangered parrots released into wild

Added 4/15/2021
Mummified Parrots Reveal ‘Sophisticated’ Trade In Ancient South American Desert

Added 4/2/2021

The Wonder Gardens hosts Parrots and Parasols event to celebrate birds, more

Added 3/25/2021
Scientists Finally Identify a Deadly Toxin That’s Been Killing Birds

Added 3/19/2021
Track a kākāpō? New Zealand’s precious parrot under drone eye

Added 3/11/2021
Next Steps Announced in Process to Reinstate and Strengthen Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Added 2/17/2021
California condor eggs laid at Oregon Zoo boost recovery for the endangered species

Added 2/11/2021
Reverse the Rollback of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act – Take Action!

Added 2/9/2021
Man Finds An Abandoned Parrot Egg And Hatches It Into An Adorable Parakeet

Added 2/4/2021
In Pictures: How wildlife officers feed birds in freezing Kashmir

Added 1/30/2021
Furry students care for lost bird

Added 1/24/2021
The Bird That Builds Nests Right By Its Worst Enemy

Added 1/20/2021
Simple change to fishing gear saves thousands of birds in Namibia

Added 1/12/2021

New Bird-Friendly Glass Installed At Plum Creek Nature Center

Added 1/6/2021
How this Waterloo region rescuer took homeless pigeons under her wing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Some of San Francisco’s iconic wild parrots are sick. Meet the people who are saving them.

Babbler bird falls into climate change trap

Swift Action Needed to Save Critically Endangered Tasmanian Parrot

World’s oldest known, banded wild bird returns to nest at Midway Atoll

Trump administration moves ahead on gutting bird protections

New owl spotted in NYC may be Central Park bird’s missing mate

Added 11/18/2020
Birds’ genetic secrets revealed in global DNA study

Added 11/11/2020
Orange-bellied parrot: best year in a decade for critically endangered bird

Added 10/31/2020
Songbirds migrating south for the winter are crashing into the glass walls of Milwaukee buildings

Added 10/27/2020
Nine insect-eating bird species in Amazon in sharp decline, scientists find

Added 10/22/2020
Pet adoptions soar as pandemic continues

Added 10/14/2020

Plucky magpie tries to chase away
bearded vulture but the massive bird just ignores it ~ video

Added 10/12/2020
Another landmark event for Philippine Cockatoo conservation

Added 10/10/2020
Extended study reveals why are parrots one of the most threatened avian orders

Added 10/7/2020
From tragedy comes an unexpected legacy

Added 10/7/2020
Frustration Abounds Five Years After the Historic Sage-Grouse Agreement

added 9/28/2020
Saving the last of the largest birds on Earth

added 9/27/2020
No penalty for Victoria despite ‘wanton destruction’ of trees vital to red-tailed black cockatoo

added 9/20/2020
Fears for endangered macaw as fire devastates Brazilian wetland


How wildfires have helped these woodpeckers make a comeback

To Help Wild Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work

Parrots given up during lockdown ‘because they are too noisy at home

Two flamingos released after rescue and rehabilitation

Surveying the Creek Fire’s destruction — and how I rescued a parrot from China Peak

For Brazil’s most trafficked parrot, the poaching is relentless

Can a 2,000ft fence save Hawaii’s rare native birds from destruction? 

Alaska’s Wild Places Face a Barrage of Big Development Projects

Worth The Wait: Rescued Macaw Finds A Home After More Than A Year 

Authorities respond to multiple crashes, including one involving a parrot

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