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To all Concerned:

I have received a very generous shipment of food from Higgins Premium for which I thank you all so much.

Upon opening the Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix, I see that I indeed received a badly mixed batch the first time. This bag was nothing at all like the initial bag I received. This one was full of large fruit chunks, seeds, and whole nuts.

I am so glad that you sent me a replacement so that I could see what it should look like. My blue and gold macaw Pippin dove into the new food like a vulture, snapping her way through the filberts, seeds, and fruit this morning. There were happy dances in the cage all day long today.

Thank you also for the extra bag of <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1377″>Mayan Harvest Tikal<spanstyle=”color: rgb(105,=”” 105,=”” 105);=”” “=””>. I will be interested to see how Pippin reacts to this bag of food, as it does have smaller seeds but a very nice variety along with bee pollen, vitamins, minerals, and even lactobacillus.

I will be more than happy to revise my review on the Windy City Parrot web site to include my satisfaction with the new bag of Sunburst as well as to compliment the Higgins Premium Pet Foods customer service team’s efforts to make customers feel valued and ensure their satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to trying the new <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1396″>Worldly Cuisines Mundo Brazil cook-and-serve food as well. Thank you for including this lovely extra gift as well.

Best Regards,

Beth S.
A very happy customer!!! 

Thank you for your kind words Beth. It’s concerned pet owners like yourself that make Higgins work harder to produce the finest pet foods possible.

Let me know if there is anything further we can do to assist you.


Dean Reyes
EVP, Director of Marketing & Sales

The Higgins Group Corp.


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