15% Off 1st Orders placed on Windy City Parrot

15% Off 1st Orders placed on Windy City Parrot

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i have two questions about this promotion. (1) how do you know my order is my first order? (2) how do i receive the 15% off if i don’t have to enter a discount code?
dear sasha
when you go to our website and start entering items into the shipping cart, the website assumes you are a new customer.

it starts to calculate a 15% first customer discount. once you go to check out, if you have an account already on file, when you log in (enter your email and password) it will then know if you have ordered before and if so, the 1st customer discount will go away. the discount is built in and automatic for customers the system does not have on file.
if you had already had an order and logged in, the website would recognize this during check out and adjust the discount/coupon codes accordingly, unless they were special promotion codes that required you to enter a coupon code. overall it is quite intuitive.
i recommend that you create an account first, then go shopping, it makes it easier to add and subtract and keep track of items, discounts and your won’t have to enter your name and address more than once
thank you

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