4 New Videos Showing 4 Pet Bird Cage Solutions

4 New Videos Showing 4 Pet Bird Cage Solutions

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Yes, that’s my recent chest X-ray (above) with a window backlight display. Why did I keep it?


Mary T asks


I currently have a reptile light screwed into a pole lamp that sits next to my lessor sulfur-crested cockatoo’s main hangout. 


I would like to upgrade after reading your column on lighting recently. 


I’m concerned that if I put a light on top of the cage, Zoey will chew on the wire.


There’s also a tray on the top of her cage that would block the light.


She hangs out on the topmost of the time when I’m home.


She’s inside when I leave. 


Would you advise replacing the reptile bulb with a different type of light? Please offer any suggestions to improve my bird’s light needs.

Thank you!


Here’s what we did for our FIDs Mary.


Find all our lighting here.


BTW – we recommend you remove the tray on the top of the cage and let the light in.






Michelle H writes


Hello, I need some ideas on what I can put under my parrot’s cage…


She has a 6 ft tall cage and she stays outside of it most of the time.


Let me tell you she is messy….food everywhere, nuts also…my question is what can I put under her cage to make it easier to clean.



Here’s our under birdcage floor care solution Michelle.






Chili our new rescue quaker likes to bathe.


I share with you the simple assembly and installation for a Lixit birdbath.




Installing a perch in a large cage can be daunting even with help.

Learn how to install any perch even on the rear of the cage – solo.


Rope perches found here.



Bonus – Tail Feather Tips Make Big Bird Toys Fast and Cheap


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