7 Edge of Your Seat Tantalizing Heart Pounding Bird Bathing Videos

7 Edge of Your Seat Tantalizing Heart Pounding Bird Bathing Videos

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Don’t blame me. Marketing said to use that title.

Parrots in the wild bathe by receiving a gentle misting on a regular basis simply by enjoying the rain. In this video, you’ll see a Lorikeet in Australia having a wonderful day sucking nectar from flowers while bathing courtesy of Mother nature. One-way Lorikeets get nutrition is just like Hummingbirds, from the nectar found in flowers.

This sounds simple enough but sometimes it can be a challenge to get your bird to accept the water coming from that strange thing in your hand. This video explains several techniques you can use to help get your bird to allow you to use a misting bottle in order to bathe him or her.

Sometimes all you need to do is introduce a dish big enough for the bird to bathe in. Fill it with water and let them figure it out.

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In this video, you’ll see how a budgie can enjoy the benefits of a bath without a lot of room and still be not far from its birdcage. If you didn’t know better you’d think he was trying to swim. He certainly is enjoying himself.

There’s a reason they call them grass parakeets. Not all birds like to feel all that water against their body when they bathe. In this video, you’ll see a method where lettuce is placed at the bottom of the sink so the bird can walk through the damp lettuce without feeling its body is being submerged in water. I certainly hope that wasn’t dinner

This Jenday Conure parrot is taking a bath in the bathroom sink. This solves a few problems. It gives you a bigger bowl for the bird to bathe in. You’re able to supply plenty of fresh water. The bathroom is a confined space so your bird can’t go very far. The sink is filled just enough for the bird to immerse its body.

Sometimes you need a little more room especially if you have more than one bird. In this video 2 Caïques are having their bath in the same kitchen sink but one seems to be saying to the other “quit hogging the water”. Caïques (these are Black Capped Caïques) are very entertaining birds, full of energy. It looks like they could do this all-day

To bathe larger birds the most logical choice is an appropriate size shower perch that will easily mount on the tile surface of your shower or bath area with suction cups. As illustrated in this video you don’t necessarily have to get in the shower with your bird. A handheld showerhead is very handy here as you can see and the African Grey agrees!

Your parrot may come from a much warmer climate. Although it may be cold outside we know your bird still needs to bathe. You really don’t want your bird to get a chill in the winter months if you are in a colder climate. Here’s one way of drying off your bird. 

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