A Story About How This Dove Daddy Kept His Little Ones Safe in a Storm

A Story About How This Dove Daddy Kept His Little Ones Safe in a Storm

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Once upon a time, in a lush tropical forest, there lived a father fruit dove named Dexter.

Dexter prided himself on being the best dad in the whole forest, and with good reason.

He had two adorable fledglings, Pip and Pop, who were as mischievous as they were fluffy. They spent their days fluttering around the treetops, playing hide-and-seek in the leaves, and generally causing a ruckus.

One afternoon, as Dexter was teaching Pip and Pop the fine art of pecking at fruit without falling off the branch, he noticed something alarming. The sky was turning an ominous shade of gray, and the wind was picking up. Dexter’s feathers ruffled with concern.

“Alright, you two,” Dexter said, puffing out his chest and trying to sound authoritative. “Looks like a storm’s brewing. We need to find a safe spot, pronto!”

Pip and Pop, however, were too busy chasing a particularly juicy-looking berry to pay attention. Dexter sighed. Parenthood was not for the faint of heart.

With a deft swoop, Dexter scooped up Pip and Pop, one under each wing. “Come on, kiddos. Adventure time’s over. Let’s find some cover!”

The trio flapped through the forest, dodging branches and flying squirrels. Dexter’s eyes scanned the canopy for a suitable shelter. He spotted a large, sturdy tree with plenty of leaf growth —a perfect storm hideout.

As they approached the tree, the first raindrops began to fall, fat and heavy. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Dexter’s heart raced, but he kept his cool. He couldn’t afford to lose his head in front of the fledglings.

“Up here!” Dexter called, ushering Pip and Pop under his wings. It was snug, but dry. Pip looked up at Dexter with wide eyes. “Daddy, is the storm gonna eat us?”

Dexter chuckled, though his laugh was a bit strained. “No, Pip, storms don’t eat birds. They just like to make a lot of noise and splash around. Like you two in the birdbath.”

Pop giggled, the tension easing a little. “Can we sing to the storm, Daddy?”

Dexter thought for a moment. “You know what? That’s a great idea. Let’s sing so loud the storm knows we’re not scared.”

And so, as the storm raged outside, Dexter, Pip, and Pop huddled together on the branch, singing their favorite songs at the top of their lungs. They sang about sunny days and tasty berries, about flying high and playing games. Their voices mingled with the wind and rain, a defiant melody against the storm’s fury.

Hours later, the storm began to subside. The rain slowed to a drizzle, and the thunder’s growl became a distant murmur. Dexter peered out of the hollow, the sky now a soft shade of blue, with the last remnants of storm clouds drifting away.

“Alright, my little songbirds,” Dexter said with a grin. “I think it’s safe to fly around now.”

Pip and Pop scrambled out of the hollow, their feathers a bit ruffled but their spirits high. “Daddy, that was the best storm ever!” Pip exclaimed, flapping his wings excitedly.

Dexter laughed, ruffling Pip’s head. “Well, I’m glad you think so. Now, how about we find that berry you were chasing earlier?”

As they flew off in search of the elusive berry, Dexter couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride. They had weathered the storm together, and come out the other side stronger and closer than ever. Being a dad was tough, but moments like these made it all worth it.

And so, in their cozy corner of the forest, Dexter and his fledglings continued their adventures, always ready to face whatever came their way—with a song in their hearts and a whole lot of love.

Written by Mitch Rezman and the Windy City Parrot Content Team


Vonnie reported

I so enjoyed Mitch’s story about Pip and Pop, and their pop! Was this written in honor of Father’s Day? Do ______ Dove males actually patent in this fashion? Where was Mama ______ Dove?

Sorry, I don’t remember the first part of the bird type’s name.

Mitch Rezman – replied

Thank you for the kind words Vonnie,

The spark was when I stumbled over the featured image with the male (Dexter) covering his 2 juveniles with his wings in the rain.

A Father’s Day story just had to be told.

Mom’s whereabouts are another story to be speculated upon.



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