Additional Perils to Birds & Parrots
Additional Perils to Birds & Parrots

Additional Perils to Birds & Parrots

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Friends, here are additional perils. 

  1. West Nile Virus — I bought a huge mosquito net, made to cover an outdoor gazebo, and put it over the cage and tuck it underneath, so no way can an insect get in. It is amazing how many different bugs I catch in that thing.
  2. Cold — I think you should sell thermal perches. All the birds love them, hot or cold. The older birds only want those. Medium is suitable for Amazons, conures etc. Smaller birds like cockatiels — use the size small.

I always keep a hanging lamp ready, to turn the bulb on — sometimes a/c too cold 

  1. Hunger — I got a cheap digital scale at Target – $25 – having lost young adults to starvation, without realizing it. I have had birds follow me to the kitchen, without getting the message.
  1. They needed additional hand-feeding, but I didn’t understand. VERY RISKY with tiels who have been hand fed — they are never strong compared to those fed by their parents for 100 days (what I recommend). 
  2. Late going to the avian vet — learned the hard way, traumas physical and emotional — drop everything and rush to the vet. DO NOT wait to see if the bird is better.

Cheers, Liz G

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Thank you for the comments Liz, we will post them.

BTW, we do sell thermo perches


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