Are Alfalfa Sprouts Safe for My Budgies?

Are Alfalfa Sprouts Safe for My Budgies?

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Lisa H. shares:

Since being stuck at home during Covid and not being able to shop as needed (we are both 71) we have really started sprouting alfalfa seeds at home.

We always liked alfalfa sprouts and now it is an easy way to have something fresh.

I have 2 parakeets…is it safe for them to eat freshly sprouted sprouts?

I would only give them when they are at their peak…not when they start to get a bit old and we dump them and use a new jar.

We keep 2 jars going in rotation to enjoy them at their best and refrigerate them as soon as they are done sprouting.

I just worry so much I will do something wrong for my birds….are sprouts safe?

They are picky and do not like fruit…but will eat torn up butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce (I have heard NO iceberg lettuce…don’t know if that is true but don’t give it to them.)

Believe me, I’ve tried apples, blueberries, strawberries, egg yolk…so many things!

No, go no matter how many times!

I think they would like something tiny like sprouts…but safe?

I figure you folks are the experts!

We use “chemically free alfalfa sprout seeds”.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi Lisa

Sprouts are okay as long as you are vigilant about freshness and mold.

Here are nine alternatives to single sprout seeds which are all bird-centric.


Some are served wet and/or dry providing even more choices for your budgies

Who doesn’t like butter lettuce?

If not fruit have you tried veggies?

Here’s how we got seven budgies converted to eating veggies daily.


Lettuce is not only good as a supplementary food but can be used for bathing.

There is a video in the blog post (above) illustrating this fun technique.

Stay safe




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