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Welcome to Bella Bird Company !

We have had many customers request furniture quality cages for their birds that won’t break the bank, are easy to clean, and are safe for their birds.

In attempting to satisfy this demand, we have developed two lines of bird cages: one for fiches, canaries, and sofbills, the other for Parrots.

Our Flight cages (Patent Pending) are made primarily from furniture quality bamboo. Additional benefits, other than being a “green” or eco-friendly cage, are as follows:

1. Removable Plexiglas panels on all four sides act as a seed guard, and also allows easier viewing of your birds. NOTE: only clean these panels with soap and water and a cotton towel -any detergent or abrasive sponge will scratch the acrylic

2. Slide out cage grill. This grill slides out from the left side, so it is invisible from the front, leaving a nice, uncluttered cage

3. Three-section slide-out food dish. This dish is located on the left bottom of the cage, below the Plexiglas. This type of feeder is found in many hand-crafted cages. It not only keeps the mess of the seeds inside the cage, but also allows great viewing of your birds through the plexi panels !

4. Removable grill. We believe it is best to have a grill in all bird cages, so we have included a grill that can be easily removed from the left side of the cage. The grill allows the droppings to fall through onto the tray and help keep the birds’ feet clean.

5. We have three cage colors available: Cherry, Sage Green, and Natural Bamboo. We are confident that one of these colors will match your decor.

6. There are two choices of stands (yes – the price includes a stand!) One is a bamboo-leaf motif, the other grape vines and leaves. Both stands come in a separate box, and are designed in a way to connect to your cage without unsightly straps or corners being exposed. The cage fits flush on top of the stand, adding to its beauty.

7. Most importantly, our cages are designed with your finch or canary in mind. Birds fly across, not up and down or back and forth. As such, we have designed our cages so your birds can actually fly and get exercise. That is, they are very long (27 inches), fairly narrow ((12 inches), and just high enough (23 inches) to allow up to 6 birds to live together, in harmony.

8. Optional lacquer tray and cup cover add to the ease of cleaning and the beauty of the cage. There is no need to put papers in the lacquer tray-just remove daily, dump out seed husks, wash off the droppings, and slide back in. And simply sponge off the top of the food tray. Quick. Easy. Beautiful.

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