Is there a better way to trim my bird’s nails?

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We spoke earlier today. We have a Senegal Perrot.

You mentioned that you have a nail trimmer and information links as well.

Thank you for your time.


The trimmer is at this link. 


Hi Mitch,
How does the “Cordless rotary bird nail and beak trimmer” in your current promo compare with my dremel ( which is not cordless)?

Do I need thus for my birds if I have. A Dremel brand dremel (which I don’t use on my birds cuz it scares them, so I take them to the bird groomer.

Would this one you have be less noisy and upsetting to my birds than my Dremel (I have a CAG, a hawkhead, 2 lories, and lovebirds)

Any advice appreciated 🙂




The only advantage is no cord – one less thing to worry about. Most birds don’t like any of the mechanical or manual trimmers. Having watched dozens – hundreds – of birds groomed both ways we feel a bird properly toweled, is better off with a grinders vs the chance of stumbling upon the quick with a clipper. Convention suggests having “Quick Stop” of corn starch on hand when clipping meaning ” anticipate your bird will bleed.


Kids don’t like going to the dentist or the the doctor for a shot, birds don’t like getting their nails trimmed – you would have thought our Ringneck was getting murdered when we would do his nails. 30 seconds and some scrambled eggs later – it was like it never happened – and we were both better for it.

Thanks for the info, Mitch. The lack of cord may make me less anxious during my lorie’s scream-fest.

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