Bird Food Pellet Conversion Made Easy

Bird Food Pellet Conversion Made Easy

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We get a lot of people who call and e-mail asking how to convert their birds to a pellet diet. The advantage of a pellet bird food diet is that pellets are considered engineered foods. In other words the bird food manufacturers decide what components are necessary for a nutritious diet and then they blend the ingredients by grinding them up and extruding them so that each individual pellet contains a precisely controlled diet. 

 You cannot control what seeds a bird eats and sometimes getting them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables can be a daunting task. Each pellet bird food manufacturer will provide you with their prescribed method of pellet conversion. Some methods are simple and some are more elaborate. We thought we’d share this quick and easy method. 
Have four feeding dishes in your birds cage. One filled with water, one with wet foods – your fruits and veggies. One with seeds and one with the pellets of your choosing. Make these available all day long. When nighttime comes along and it’s time for your bird go to sleep remove the dishes with seeds and wet foods leaving only the water and pellets.
Inevitably your bird will get hungry during the night and will eat the pellets trying to satisfy those nighttime munchies. Give it a try and let us know if it works for your bird.
Mitch Rezman

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