Can I Feed Dehydrated Quality Chicken Feet to My Budgie?

Can I Feed Dehydrated Quality Chicken Feet to My Budgie?

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Marylinda J. would like to know,

I have appreciated your products and your information for many years.

I recently became licensed in the State of Texas to produce animal feed.

In particular, dehydrated restaurant-quality chicken feet and paws for pets.

Can I put one of them in my parakeet’s cage for them to gnaw on?


They are high in protein and calcium so they would seem preferable to the clothespins they chew on.


Better yet, can I sell them as bird treats?

Thank you


Dear Marylinda

I admit I had to look them up before responding to your email. It appears that animal parts of all kinds are becoming available to the pet market. Thankfully, they have replaced many of the old rawhide bones that were the norm for many years. However, seeing a dog chew on a dried bull penis does still seem strange. LOL.


They should be fine for the birds, however, I don’t think they should be left in the cage for days on end as they could become wet due to water dish splashing and thus become a source of bacteria.


Perhaps one hung up across the cage from the water dish, which will also keep it clean from droppings.


If you do this, we would love to see a photograph of it in the cage and hear if the keets show any interest.




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