Can I Place 3 Budgies in the Same Bird Cage?

Can I Place 3 Budgies in the Same Bird Cage?

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Ricky A. makes a request

I need some advice.

I am hoping that someone could and will be nice enough to share their experiences

I recently bought a pair of cockatiels that their owners promised were a bonded male and female. 

They told me that the two had raised several clutches successfully.


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They have not shown a bit of interest in each other.


I have raised ‘Tiels in the past.


Anyway, my main concern now is the beautiful pair of budgies that were given to me, that is bonded, and Stevie the hen is busy getting their nest box just so, and expects her 1st egg to be laid soon.


I have been around budgies before but have never kept or attempted to breed them. 


I know the folks I got the ‘Tiels from.


The budgie’s former owners are extremely helpful and they have 5 young ones that the birds took care of then the folks removed them and took over feeling the chicks, which are now 2 months old, and doing well.


In the meantime, I was given a 3-month-old male that was just purchased from Petsmart. 


He’s blue, the same color as the mated pair. 


My question is. 


Would it be alright to house Petie with the pair, right now I’ve got him in with the two ‘Tiels.


They get along OK, but I can see right now that it’s gonna be very hard, if not impossible for me to take him down being inside the same cage with them.


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Those two are pretty much wild, and I can tell that they’ve never been handled or shown any attention.


I saw a video showing three budgies in the same cage. 


Two were raising 4 chicks. 


I’m not sure what sex the third budgie was, and do you think that would normally make a difference?


Hey Ricky,


There are two fundamental issues to assess.


The first one is the cage size.


Downstairs we have a Prevue F050 aviary.


Cage dimensions: 37″ L x 22 1/8″ D x 60″ H. 


Which currently has 8 resident budgerigars that have been home to as many as 10. 

Three clamp on lights over budgie aviary



You may not need that much horsepower and perhaps consider a cage of these proportions.


 Indoor Aviary Flight Cage for Smallest Birds by Prevue 42614-3 Blue White














Overall Size: 26″ L x 14″ W x 36″ H.


What makes this work is as you can see we have multiple feeding stations for both seen and veggie mixtures.



There is a large dish on the bottom cage filled with fresh food.


You can see from the center that there are two Lixit water bottles.


We offer more than enough landing zones so that everybody can have their own space without crowding one another.


One bird may block the water area but the other bird will always have a choice to go elsewhere reducing stress.


I hope this is the answer you are seeking.


I am available for follow-up questions




Mitch Rezman

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